Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Not You It's Me..... I Just Don't Like You Anymore.

I'm starting to notice the massive increase of mama's boys posing as real men. Mama's boy, is a term for a man who is excessively attached to his mother at an age when men are expected to be independent (economically independent). A mama's boy may be effeminate, or might be perceived as being macho, or might have a personality disorder so that the mother acts as a caretaker. In any case, a mama's boy cannot maintain a healthy relationship with a woman. A mother-bonded man is seen to give control of his own life to his mother, in exchange for a sense of security. The end result of growing up in this scenario is that he forgets how to treat other women and he’s really only into himself. How many of you have boyfriends like this past or present? The guy who expects so much of you and he’ll only do things for you to get something in return. Some of you have that man now, you probably have chosen to ignore it and overlook the obvious. Whatever happened to a 50/50 relationship? These are men who expect you to do things like clean the apartment, wash his clothes, make him dinner, make love to him when you are tired, take care of him when he is sick and the list goes on. I love women, I really do. When a woman is in love with a man she’ll do almost anything to please him, to include overlooking the obvious. In this instance the obvious is that he’s selfish as hell and he thinks that the world revolves around him. In his small mind he feels that it is a privilege for you to be with him. We’ve all heard the expression, “You don’t know what you have, until it’s gone”. Most men learn their lesson when the woman they’re currently with is gone and he finally realizes exactly how much he actually loved her. It's time to grow up, seek real intimacy over porn.

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