Monday, May 2, 2011

Online Dating

It's difficult to come off witty, intelligent and generally attractive in a personal ad. First of all, you have to figure out what kind of attention grabbing headline will attract the kind of person that you want. Generally, you do not want a sociopath, psycho or bot....let alone pills to increase my penis size or a link to porn. I mean, to each their own and I don't judge you if you prefer a sociopath...that's just not for me. Then you have to throw out there what you're looking for in hopes someone will be reading along...doing the same thing that you're doing by searching for a way to entertain themselves while everyone else is enjoying sleeping in for spring break...and BAM...you have 30 emails from some really interesting people of all walks of life. None of which are your soul mate or life partner...which is good because if you came off as any of those I'd be pretty sure you were full of shit. I mean, honestly...do we still believe in soul mates? (ok, so checking myself that seems a bit bitter…realist yes, bitter…nah, I don’t have time to be bitter).

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