Monday, May 2, 2011


Vegetarian (noun)

The use of intimidation and disappointing looks to coerce someone into believing in their cause that meat is murder.A person who does not eat or does not believe in eating meat, fish, fowl, or, in some cases, any food derived from animal, as eggs or cheese, but subsists on vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, etc.

Veggie-terrorism (noun)

The use of intimidation and disappointing looks to coerce someone into believing in their cause that meat is murder.

I hate vegetarians and not just because they piss on Darwin and try to break the perfectly good food chain but also make me feel guilty, or because, meat being so delicious, they must have lots of willpower. But as an animal lover who agrees in principle with most reasons for giving up meat, I would rather not join that band of humourless, judgmental souls. It would seem that you are indeed what you eat. How can you sleep at night after redistributing wealth from hard-working livestock to lazy, liberal wheat and soy plants? Do not assume living without animal products is always a positive, healthy choice. A vegan couple  have recently been charged with child abuse for malnourishing their three small children. They had been brought up on a vegan diet from birth. There have been similar cases where children, who cannot choose what they eat, have had their health severely damaged because of their parents' principles. They are putting the welfare of animals before that of their children. Giving up meat and dairy has been linked to anorexia and other eating disorders in teenage girls. Lack of vitamin B12, found mainly in meats, eggs, dairy and fish, can cause brain damage. Most vegans, and some non-meat-eaters, have to supplement their diet with pills. In the developed world, vegetarianism is a privileged choice. How many working-class vegetarians do you know? It is not an option for most poor people in this country.


  1. I always fall for these posts!

    Question- Where did you get these facts? Let's not gloss over the thousands of malnourished children living on a conventional "American" diet. The average American is overweight and suffers from multiple health issues directly related to food. On the other hand, the average vegetarian is of a healthy weight and has lower risks for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Millions of people around the world refrain from eating meat for one reason of another. This doesn't make them terrorists. While I also abhor the vegetarian and vegan extremist who believes only they are correct and all others will burn in hell, I am also a vegetarian. I don't care what you do to your body, I'm just going to sit over here quietly. The flip side also occurs, and just as frequently- Omni-terrorists- those who eat both meat and vegetables and believe anyone who doesn't eat meat is a crazy hippy who should be kicked in the head.

    PS- I spend less on groceries now than I did before; I eat more foods and better foods. Plant based diets cost less as meat is so expensive :)

  2. After I posted this I saw "veggie sometimes' and said DOH! I'm going to get reamed. Don't have a problem with vegetarians who sit quietly while I enjoy the carcass of a dead animal. It’s the ones that attack you and pass judgment because you require something with a little more substance. I treat vegetarians the same way I treat religious people. We may not believe in the same things but we can still be friends. I totally respect your “superstitions” just don’t force them on me. Don’t stare me down when I pick up a can of tuna. “Don’t eat that dolphins get stuck in the nets”. Fuck the tuna they’re not ass cute. People who force their beliefs on others I consider terrorist.

    No doubt there are some skinny challenged people out there. If your 5 years old and weigh 100 lbs I blame the parents. If you are an adult and overweight in America that’s your fault. A man worked at McDonalds for ten years and sued the owner because he got fat. Accept a little personal responsibility. I guess next Charlie Sheen will sue a stripper for giving him crabs.

    There are certain things you must provide for a child to avoid malnutrition. If you want to be a Vegetarian then do that; don’t force your children to follow that belief. This is what separates us from polygamist. My son’s mother hates milk so she wouldn’t buy milk. I called bullshit, it’s not about you; he needs that as a growing child.

    P.S. don’t question my sources that is RUDE! :) I get my sources from a poll that I made up for the purpose of this blog. No it is a true fact. I know there are thousands of malnutrition children on conventional diets out there but I compare my example to a pitbull attack; it’s the one statistic that stands out more.

  3. Ha ha! I always assumed these statistics were made up :)

    PS- I full support Sheen's lawsuit